2017-2018 Admission
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TECHNOVATION Girls Entrepreneruship & Technology
Middle & High School Collaborative
Math Olympiad Elementary
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Carlsbad Brilliant Kids Montessori Preschool

Elementary & Middle School Carlsbad

...is a purposeful place where children are allowed to develop freely and learn at their own pace based on their interests and passion in a prepared environment. With a balanced approach of the Montessori philosophy, individualized, and inquiry-based curriculum, the children can reach the fullest potential of cognitive, social, emotional, and intellectual development. With the application of the permaculture design and principles, the erdkinders "earth children" will learn to appreciate the balance of universe. Dual language Chinese & English academy is available.

Redefining Teachers with a 21st Century Education ‘Story’

Playing With Math: How Math Circles Bring Learners Together For Fun

How Finland Broke Every Rule - And Created a Top Education System


  Why Montessori & Inquiry-Based?
  Year-Round Admission
Early Childhood Primary (ages 3-6)
Lower & Upper Elementary (ages 6-12)
Middle School Erdkinder (ages 12-15)
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