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Brilliant Kids Montessori School
Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Montessori School, San Diego
1112 Sidonia Street,
Encinitas CA 92024   Map

Phone:  760-298-0332
Fax:       760-301-8045

School Hours  Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

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"Our son has had a great experience at Brilliant Kids Montessori. He's gone very in depth in subjects that interest him, particularly science, while also building a foundation in all academic areas. The part I love most is seeing him build confidence in himself and his knowledge. This school also teaches respect; the classroom is a sanctuary for all the children. I highly recommend Amy Chen - you won't find a more dedicated teacher!" L.W., Carlsbad, CA

“The teachers at Brilliant Kids embrace young children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and expose students to exciting studies in science, culture and geography.  Our 5 year-old daughter has developed an incredible knowledge base and fascination with the world around her.  An enhanced ability to focus and sense of pride have undoubtedly resulted from the engaging lessons, projects and accomplishments she has undertaken at Brilliant Kids.” S.B., Carlsbad, CA


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